SMAC Technology Planner


Click on a tech to hilight its prerequisites (in blue) and the techs which have it as a prerequisite (in yellow). Click “add” to mark a tech as researched, and “queue” to add the tech to your queue.

Adv. Ecological Engineering (B7)

Special ability: Super Former

Terraform rate doubled

Terraforming: Soil Enricher

Advanced Military Algorithms (C4)

Special ability: Deep Radar

Sees 2 spaces

Special ability: AAA Tracking

x2 vs. air attacks

Facility: Punishment Sphere

No Drones/-50% Tech

Social engineering: Power


Terraforming: Bunker

Advanced Spaceflight (D8)

Weapon: Plasma Shard

Offense: 13

Facility: Orbital Power Transmitter

+1 Energy ALL BASES

Secret project: The Living Refinery

+2 SUPPORT (social)

Advanced Subatomic Theory (D3)

Special ability: Comm Jammer

+50% vs. fast units

Facility: Skunkworks

Prototypes Free

Applied Gravitonics (E14)

Weapon: Graviton Gun

Offense: 20

Applied Physics (C1)

Weapon: Laser

Offense: 2

Applied Relativity (D5)

Secret project: The Supercollider

Labs +100% At This Base

Bio-Engineering (B5)

Misc: Gene warfare defense

Increases defense against gene warfare

Special ability: Clean Reactor

Requires no support

Secret project: The Longevity Vaccine

Fewer Drones or More Profits

Biogenetics (D1)

Misc: Gene warfare defense

Increases defense against gene warfare

Facility: Recycling Tanks

Bonus Resources

Secret project: The Human Genome Project

+1 Talent Each Base

Biomachinery (B7)

Misc: Gene warfare defense

Increases defense against gene warfare

Secret project: The Cloning Vats

Population Boom At All Bases

Centauri Ecology (E1)

Misc: Fungus nutrient production bonus

Weapon: Terraforming Unit

Non-combat package

Secret project: The Weather Paradigm

Terraform Rate +50%

Centauri Empathy (E3)

Special ability: Empath Song

+50% attack vs. Psi

Facility: Biology Lab

Research and PSI

Secret project: The Empath Guild

Commlink For Every Faction

Social engineering: Green


Centauri Genetics (E7)

Misc: Fungus mineral production bonus

Facility: The Pholus Mutagen

Ecology Bonus

Centauri Meditation (E5)

Misc: Fungus energy production bonus

Facility: Centauri Preserve

Ecology Bonus

Secret project: The Xenoempathy Dome

Fungus Movement Bonus

Citizen: Empath


Centauri Psi (E8)

Misc: Fungus nutrient production bonus

Weapon: Psi Attack

Offense: PSI

Controlled Singularity (C15)

Weapon: Singularity Laser

Offense: 24

Secret project: The Singularity Inductor

Quantum Converter Every Base

Cyberethics (B4)

Secret project: The Planetary Datalinks

Any Tech Known To 3 Others

Social engineering: Knowledge


Digital Sentience (D10)

Misc: Probe team bonus

Secret project: The Network Backbone

+1 Lab Per Commerce/Net Node

Social engineering: Cybernetic


Doctrine: Air Power (E5)

Chassis: Needlejet

Special ability: Air Superiority

Attacks air units

Facility: Aerospace Complex

+2 Morale:Air, Air Def +100%

Terraforming: Airbase

Doctrine: Flexibility (E2)

Chassis: Foil

Weapon: Troop Transport

Non-combat package

Facility: Pressure Dome


Doctrine: Initiative (E4)

Chassis: Cruiser

Special ability: Amphibious Pods

Attacks from ship

Facility: Naval Yard

+2 Morale:Sea, Sea Def +100%

Facility: The Maritime Control Center

Naval Movement +2

Doctrine: Loyalty (C2)

Facility: Perimeter Defense

Defense +100%

Secret project: The Command Nexus

Command Center Each Base

Social engineering: Police State


Doctrine: Mobility (E1)

Chassis: Speeder

Facility: Command Center

+2 Morale:Land

Ecological Engineering (E4)

Misc: Mineral production restriction lifted

Terraforming: Fungus

Terraforming: Sea Fungus

Terraforming: Condenser

Terraforming: Echelon Mirror

Terraforming: Thermal Borehole

Terraforming: Aquifer

Environmental Economics (B5)

Misc: Commerce bonus

Misc: Energy production restriction lifted

Facility: Tree Farm


Terraforming: Raise Land

Terraforming: Raise Sea Floor

Terraforming: Lower Land

Terraforming: Lower Sea Floor

Ethical Calculus (E2)

Facility: Children's Creche


Social engineering: Democratic


Eudaimonia (E12)

Armor: Psi Defense

Defense: PSI

Facility: The Telepathic Matrix

No More Drone Riots

Social engineering: Eudaimonic


Frictionless Surfaces (D10)

Special ability: Cloaking Device


Fusion Power (D6)

Reactor: Fusion Reactor

Power: 2

Facility: Fusion Lab

Econ and Labs Bonus

Citizen: Engineer

+3 ECON, +2 LABS

Gene Splicing (B3)

Misc: Gene warfare defense

Increases defense against gene warfare

Misc: Nutrient production restriction lifted

Facility: Research Hospital

Labs and Psych Bonus

Graviton Theory (E13)

Chassis: Gravship

Special ability: Antigrav Struts

+1 movement rate (or +Reactor*2 for Air)

High Energy Chemistry (C2)

Armor: Plasma Steel Armor

Defense: 3

Special ability: Nerve Gas Pods

Can +50% offense (Atrocity)

Homo Superior (E8)

Facility: Nanohospital

Labs and Psych Bonus

Secret project: The Universal Translator

Two Free Techs

Industrial Automation (B3)

Misc: Commerce bonus

Weapon: Supply Transport

Non-combat package

Facility: Hab Complex

Increase Population Limit

Secret project: The Planetary Transit System

New Bases Begin At Size 3

Social engineering: Wealth


Industrial Base (B1)

Armor: Synthmetal Armor

Defense: 2

Secret project: The Merchant Exchange

+1 Energy Each Square Here

Industrial Economics (B2)

Misc: Commerce bonus

Facility: Energy Bank

Economy Bonus

Social engineering: Free Market


Industrial Nanorobotics (B9)

Misc: Commerce bonus

Facility: Robotic Assembly Plant

Minerals Bonus

Facility: The Nano Factory

Repair Units

Information Networks (D1)

Facility: Network Node

Labs Bonus

Intellectual Integrity (E3)

Special ability: High Morale

Gains morale upgrade

Special ability: Non-Lethal Methods

x2 Police powers

Secret project: The Citizens' Defense Force

Perimeter Defense Each Base

Matter Compression (C9)

Armor: Neutronium Armor

Defense: 8

Matter Editation (B12)

Misc: Gene warfare defense

Increases defense against gene warfare

Armor: Antimatter Plate

Defense: 10

Facility: Nanoreplicator

Minerals Bonus

Secret project: Clinical Immortality

Extra Talent Every Base

Matter Transmission (B13)

Misc: Fungus mineral production bonus

Special ability: Blink Displacer

Bypass base defenses

Facility: Psi Gate


Secret project: The Bulk Matter Transmitter

+2 Minerals Every Base

Mind/Machine Interface (C6)

Misc: Probe team bonus

Chassis: 'Copter

Special ability: Drop Pods

Makes air drops

Secret project: The Cyborg Factory

Bioenh. Center Every Base

Citizen: Thinker


Monopole Magnets (B6)

Terraforming: Mag Tube

Nanometallurgy (E8)

Special ability: Deep Pressure Hull

Operates underwater

Special ability: Carrier Deck

Mobile Airbase

Special ability: Repair Bay

Repairs ground units on board

Nanominiaturization (B8)

Chassis: Hovertank

Neural Grafting (C4)

Facility: Bioenhancement Center

+2 Morale:ALL

Secret project: The Neural Amplifier

Psi Defense +50%

Nonlinear Mathematics (C2)

Weapon: Particle Impactor

Offense: 4

Optical Computers (D3)

Orbital Spaceflight (D6)

Chassis: Missile

Weapon: Planet Buster

Offense: 99

Weapon: Conventional Payload

Offense: 12

Facility: Sky Hydroponics Lab

+1 Nutrient ALL BASES

Organic Superlubricant (C7)

Weapon: Fusion Laser

Offense: 10

Photon/Wave Mechanics (C6)

Armor: Photon Wall

Defense: 5

Planetary Economics (B6)

Misc: Commerce bonus

Facility: Hybrid Forest


Facility: The Ascetic Virtues

Pop. Limit Relaxed

Planetary Networks (D2)

Weapon: Probe Team

Non-combat package

Facility: Hologram Theatre

Psych and Fewer Drones

Secret project: The Virtual World

Network Nodes Help Drones

Citizen: Librarian


Social engineering: Planned


Polymorphic Software (D2)

Misc: Probe team bonus

Special ability: Heavy Artillery


Pre-Sentient Algorithms (D5)

Misc: Probe team bonus

Special ability: Polymorphic Encryption

x2 cost to subvert

Secret project: The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm

Immunity to Probe Teams

Probability Mechanics (B7)

Armor: Probability Sheath

Defense: 6

Facility: Tachyon Field

All Defense +100%

Quantum Machinery (B12)

Weapon: Quantum Laser

Offense: 16

Facility: Quantum Converter

Minerals Bonus

Quantum Power (D11)

Reactor: Quantum Chamber

Power: 3

Facility: Quantum Lab

Econ and Labs Bonus

Retroviral Engineering (C6)

Misc: Gene warfare defense

Increases defense against gene warfare

Misc: Gene warfare

Allows gene warfare

Facility: Genejack Factory


Secrets of Alpha Centauri (D12)

Misc: Fungus energy production bonus

Misc: Reveal world map

Misc: Technology bonus

Additional technology to first discoverer

Facility: Temple of Planet

Ecology Bonus

Citizen: Transcend

+2 ECON, +2 PSYCH, +4 LABS

Secrets of Creation (D10)

Misc: Technology bonus

Additional technology to first discoverer

Secrets of the Human Brain (D2)

Misc: Technology bonus

Additional technology to first discoverer

Special ability: Hypnotic Trance

+50% defense vs. PSI

Social engineering: Fundamentalist


Self-Aware Machines (D11)

Misc: Probe team bonus

Facility: Nessus Mining Station

+1 Minerals ALL BASES

Facility: Orbital Defense Pod

Missile Defense

Facility: The Self-Aware Colony

Maintenance Halved

Sentient Econometrics (E11)

Misc: Commerce bonus

Facility: Paradise Garden

+2 Talents

Silksteel Alloys (B4)

Armor: Silksteel Armor

Defense: 4

Singularity Mechanics (D12)

Reactor: Singularity Engine

Power: 4

Social Psych (B1)

Facility: Recreation Commons

Fewer Drones

Super Tensile Solids (B10)

Facility: Habitation Dome

Increase Population Limit

Secret project: The Space Elevator

Energy +100%/Orbital Cost Halved

Superconductor (C4)

Weapon: Gatling Laser

Offense: 5

Superstring Theory (C4)

Weapon: Chaos Gun

Offense: 8

Synthetic Fossil Fuels (E4)

Weapon: Missile Launcher

Offense: 6

Special ability: Fungicide Tanks

Clear fungus at double speed

Temporal Mechanics (B14)

Misc: Fungus energy production bonus

Armor: Stasis Generator

Defense: 12

The Will to Power (E9)

Secret project: The Dream Twister

Psi Attack +50%

Social engineering: Thought Control


Threshold of Transcendence (E15)

Misc: Fungus mineral production bonus

Secret project: The Voice of Planet

Begins Ascent To Transcendence

Secret project: The Ascent to Transcendence

End of Human Era

Transcendent Thought (D16)

Unified Field Theory (C7)

Weapon: Tachyon Bolt

Offense: 12

Secret project: The Theory of Everything

Labs +100% At This Base