Old Stuff

These are older versions of my web site, and by “old” I mean old. You could dig these up on archive.org, but I’ve preserved them here for posterity, and anyone can see how terrible they are.

Screenshot of Dietrich's WWW Page

Web Site #1, from about 1997–1999. GeoCities originally hosted this site, and it shows a good selection of atrocities common to 90s-era web design. You can see gaudy custom horizontal rules and glowing text, which were tedious to create since Photoshop 2.5 had neither layer effects nor even layers of any kind. There’s some really exceptionally bad artwork done in Fractal Design Painter 5.0 (now Corel Painter) and POV-Ray. I think I put “Free Kevin” banners on the site at some point, but I must have deleted them. The whole thing was done WYSIWYG with Adobe PageMill 2.0, which was axed when Adobe bought Macromedia.

Includes a few pieces of software for old Macs, like a tool for creating music in HyperCard and a game written in C. The game can run on 68K or PowerPC, and has separate graphics for B&W and 256-color displays.

Screenshot of Dietrich's Web Page

Web Site #2, from about 2000. We hosted this on our dedicated DSL line on a home PC running a copy of Red Hat Linux 6.1 (Cartman) that we purchased at a big box electronics retailer, probably CompUSA. The “Made with Macintosh” gif makes its appearance, as well as the dreaded <frameset>.

Includes a couple simple graphical demos for old Macs.

Screenshot of Dietrich's old web page

Web Site #3, from about 2009. Generated with DOM manipulation in Python from HTML files, using a predecessor to the software I use to generate my website today. It even had its own copies of the two older versions of the website.