I Want to Help Fight the Demon Overlord, but I’m Just an Intern!

v1.0, 13297 bytes, released

A demo made for JS13K in September 2019. Placed #39 overall. A solo effort by Dietrich Epp.


  1. WASD or arrow keys to move. The game should correctly handle alternative keyboard layouts (e.g. ZQSD with a French layout).
  2. Space or Control to attack or interact with NPCs.
  3. Click on menu items.

Release Notes


  1. Talk to the quest-giver in the starting area (east). Your mission is to go back to town (west) and get potions.
  2. Go two screens west to town. There is a townperson in the buildings, who tells you that the apothecary went north. The townperson may be hard to find, since they can clip through buildings.
  3. The apothecary is in the north area, at the northeast corner. They say that they dropped their potions to the south.
  4. The south area has three potions. Once you collect them all, return to the starting area in the west.

Implementation Notes

Written in TypeScript, using WebGL for graphics. The build system is a steaming hot mess, as you would expect for a demo.