Screenshot of “HDD Liberator” game, showing the second level.

HDD Liberator

Version 1.0.0, released

You remember the old days. 1.44 MB floppy disks. 2400 baud modems crawling across the screen, line by line.

You gave them terabytes in a single drive, exabytes in the cloud, and fiber-optic networks.

It’s never enough.

A game made for JS13KGames 2021. The entire game, compressed in an ordinary zip file, fits in just 7.5 KB!


Use the arrow keys to move, or WASD, or ZQSD. Use the space bar to grab a box, to push or pull it in any direction. Gamepads are supported. To use a gamepad, press the “action” button while the browser window is in the foreground. The action button is the lower button in the group of four, and it is also used to grab objects in-game.


Hints If you step on top of a file that is currently spawning, it won’t spawn.


I am quite fond of how the music turned out. This is how it sounds in-game.