So, I Got It This Time

, Ludum Dare, Post-Mortem, Lost Temple

I made it. I was reckless, I worked on the build system for almost a full day before starting work on the game itself! Needless to say, much was cut, but I’m still pleased with the result.

Splash screen for “Lost Temple” video game

It’s a damn short game, that’s what it is. Time to sleep, I’ll play your game tomorrow… but first, a post-mortem.

What went wrong: Working on a build system for almost a full day (9PM Friday to 3PM Saturday). I was in the middle of reorganizing all my game projects when Ludum Dare hit, and I really just wanted to finish the job. Game physics was a pain, as usual. Didn’t get enough sleep.

What went right: Having used P2 and Phaser separately, there were a few things that were much easier because I was using them together. For example, teleporting a physics-enabled sprite in Phaser was a bit of a pain and web searches revealed no solutions, but it became much easier when I just dived into the guts of P2. I felt like feature prioritization went fairly well once I was actually working on the game, and I didn’t dawdle polishing irrelevant bits like I sometimes do (with the exception of the build system).

I feel like this is the first compo game I’ve done where all the pieces are there, so to speak. Animations, sound effects, and levels are all there. Just not very many :-)