LD26 Top Eleven

, Ludum Dare, Review

So I’m well on my way to getting sick of playing games… at least for a while. Here are eleven good games I’ve played, in randomized order, out of just over 150.

Screenshot of two Ludum Dare games

A – infernet89

A game with no instructions that does not need any. You get the simple joy of figuring the game out as you go along.

Placeholder – mtrc

That bug that you can’t quite catch… just make a comment in the source code and move on. It’s the experience of game development.

Screenshot of two Ludum Dare games

My Peculiar Car – brantkings

Wacky and simple gameplay, with a fusion of sax hits and comedic automobile design that just works.

I Know Nothing – MathiO

Simple gameplay focused on exploration and obstacles that are organic parts of the terrain.

Screenshot of two Ludum Dare games

Hexzilla – Bernhard

Strategy game that’s very addictive. My high score is 4537 credits, on wave 404. It’s all about building redundant shield generators behind a double layer of turrets.

This Is Not A Minimalist Game – Volute

A polished puzzle platformer with a great twist at the very end, and some sharp dialogue in the middle.

# – Kitch (not pictured)

A minimal arcade game that gets a lot of mileage out of some great sound effects.

Screenshot of two Ludum Dare games

T.O.M.B. – Knighty

Wicked puzzle platformer with an array of tricky but well-designed levels. I can’t beat it, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

Prototype (Jam) – OnlySlightly

Another game that evolves as you play.

Screenshot of two Ludum Dare games

The Epicly Short Adventure – JaJ

A platformer with no repeating tiles: each area has its own complete set of artwork. The final boss is a real treat, and it even has multiple endings.

X PRESS (Jam) – Pitoum

I’ve never had a game give me instructions so many times. Guess which button you have to press in this game…

Bonus challenge: find the artwork…

How many games can you find that feature artwork in Piet Mondrian’s style?

How many games in LD26 feature Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”?